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I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph
Joanna “tryna look cute on a budget.”
Have a look at her fashion blog.

     Photo of Frank Lowy

       Exhibited at the United Nations Headquarters in New York as part of the exhibition,
        “When You Listen to a Witness, You Become a Witness” (2014).
        The exhibition was subsequently published as the book,
        "Witness: Passing the Torch of Holocaust Memory to New Generations."

Berlin, 2016
Baie des Trépassés, 2014
Barmelweid, 2015
Frank Lowy, Birkenau, 2013
Trieste, 2013
Barmelweid, 2014
Prague Zoo, 2014
Chicago, 2014
Berlin, 2016
Chicago, 2014
Schiers, 2016
Bohinj, 2014
Firdaus Rahman, Kuala Lumpur, 2013
Chicago, 2014
Bled, 2014
Lenzburg, 2014
Joanna Ko, Evanston, 2016
Chicago, 2016
Somewhere near the Swiss-Italian border, 2015
Joanna Ko, Evanston, 2016



“The Sword of Damocles” (Medill Justice Project)

Examples of graphics done for “The Sword of Damocles” - the Medill Justice Project’s documentary on Tommy Zeigler.
Find out more about the good work that the Medill Justice Project does in the U.S. criminal justice system here.

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